Annette Milbers
Annette MilbersCalgary, AB, Canada
Annette Milbers is a former figure and fitness competitor with more than a decade of experience… Read More
Stacie Venagro
Stacie VenagroNew England
Stacie Venagro is a certified fitness trainer and three-time World Fitness and Fitness Universe Champion. She is the only all-natural… Read More
Amy Jo Palmquest
Amy Jo PalmquestOlympia, WA
As a wife, model, business owner, spokeswoman, nutritional coach, and mom of two boys, Amy Jo aims to inspire and motivate… Read More
Chelsea Clarke
Chelsea ClarkeDirector of Special Events
Chelsea has been working with STRONG Fitness Magazine since it’s inception in 2013. She has been involved in the dance industry for over a decade… Read More
Paul Buceta
Paul BucetaDirector and Chief Photographer
Paul Buceta is the founder and Chief Photographer for STRONG Fitness Mag and STRONGCAMP. When he created STRONGCAMP, his vision was… Read More
Meghan Burrows
Meghan BurrowsSurrey, BC, Canada
Meghan is a personal trainer, performance coach and athlete who believes in bringing out the inner athlete in everyone. Growing up in a rural town… Read More
Jodi Mehan
Jodi MehanNew York
Jodi Mehan is a fitness entrepreneur who believes she was meant to inspire others to change their lifestyles and exude their best health… Read More
Robin Ball
Robin BallBurnaby, BC, Canada
Robin Ball is a personal trainer, fitness and cycling instructor, and athlete who strives to inspire those around her. Growing up in Toronto, ON… Read More
Francisca Dennis
Francisca DennisToronto, ON, Canada
Francisca is a personal trainer and lifestyle consultant who has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years as an athlete… Read More
Kristi Youngdahl
Kristi YoungdahlMinneapolis, MN
Kristi Youngdahl is a widely-recognized leader in the fitness community. She endeavored to become a transformational coach…. Read More
Hannah Eden
Hannah EdenFort Lauderdale, Florida
Hannah Eden is a professional and entrepreneur. In 2013, she started a passion project to develop and host a fitness program….. Read More
Liz Cort
Liz CortHudson Valley, New York
Liz is a fitness expert, business mentor, motivational speaker, fitness entrepreneur, and mother who has built a fitness empire…Read More