Reason #1: It’s not your average bootcamp.

These weekends are about so much more than working out. Sure, you’ll get your butt kicked, but you’ll also gain confidence, learn how to train and fuel better than before, and feel empowered. You’ll leave even stronger than when you arrived!

Reason #2: Nichelle Laus.

Trust us, you’re in good hands. The Wonder Woman of fitness, Senior STRONGCAMP Ambassador Nichelle will be your host, instructor, coach and motivator over the course of the weekend. Nichelle is a personal trainer, competition prep coach and a fitness model with dozens of appearances in fitness magazines all over the world. She’s also a mom of four young boys, so she knows a thing or two about balancing a fit lifestyle while raising a family.

Reason #3: Awesome Workouts.

Challenge your body in whole new ways as Nichelle takes you through a variety of workouts and disciplines, including kettlebell, kickboxing, strength and conditioning, and something a little special (we’ll keep it a surprise). You’ll also end the weekend with a beautiful yoga session by a certified instructor.

Reason #4: Michelle Armstrong.

You’ll have the unique experience of sitting in on a seminar led by motivational speaker Michelle Armstrong, who happens to be an expert in the fields of personal development, fitness, and nutrition. Michelle has spoken to audiences of thousands around the world and recently published her second book, Transform: Reclaim Your Body & Life from the Inside Out.

Reason #5: The crew will be there.

Everyone’s coming out to STRONGCAMP T-Dot! You’ll be sweating alongside members of STRONG Fitness magazine, including Editor-in-Chief Kirstyn Brown, Senior Ambassadors Jessica Burgio and Stacie Venagro and many more. Fitness photographer Paul Buceta will be there snapping all the action, and some of those photos will appear in the next issue of STRONG.