1. You are fit enough.

The workouts are tough, but they are meant to challenge you, not hurt you.  Strong women of all fitness levels are welcome at STRONGCAMP – just go at your own pace, and who knows, you may surprise yourself.

2. You’re stronger than you think.

See above.

3. You get free stuff

An awesome STRONG tank top and ball cap are yours just for showing up, plus an amazing grab bag packed with samples and accessories for your fit lifestyle.

4. Your photo will be published in the magazine. 

Our Chief Photographer and industry icon Paul Buceta attends many of the camps and captures the entire experience. We then publish the highlights in the next issue of STRONG Fitness Magazine!

5. Friends for life. 

With so many like-minded and incredible women coming together for the weekend, it’s inevitable that strong connections will be made.

6. There are so many ways to work out. 

No matter what kind of exerciser you are, you’ll likely find a new and challenging way to move at STRONGCAMP.  Depending on the ambassador, workouts could include lifting weights, circuit training, kettlebell training, kickboxing, hiking, yoga, and more.

7. Health and wellness resources are plentiful. 

From nutrition and meal planning, to the fitness industry and lifestyle, the seminars at every STRONGCAMP are led by professionals with a leading edge on ways to keep you healthy and strong.  You will get real answers to your questions and learn valuable information about a massive range of topics.

8. It’s not your average bootcamp.

These weekends are about so much more than working out.  Sure, you’ll get your butt kicked, but you’ll also gain confidence, learn how to train and fuel better than ever, and empower yourself like never before.  You will leave even stronger than when you arrived!