Alexis Longley
Palm Harbor, FL

Quick Q&A

Is there anything you have been struggling with lately?

I work night shift in the ER and the COVID ICU. It’s been hard to eat clean and stick to a consistent work out schedule with the long hours and stress of this past year. I am working hard to establish healthy habits and am excited to continue to build my strength as I begin Medical School.

What was your favorite thing about STRONGCAMP?

My favorite thing about strong camp was meeting all of the amazing women that participated. The workouts were HARD. Teresa at T-Fit knows how to make you work! Everyone was cheering on everyone else the entire time.

Did you learn anything new about yourself at STRONGCAMP?

I discovered that I am stronger than I thought! Before camp I didn’t think I was going to be able to do all of the workouts. I was really worried about the TrueGrit Obstacle Course. I completed the whole thing and flipped a GIANT tire. The friends I made at Strong Camp gave me the push I needed. Totally surprised myself.

What was your biggest takeaway from STRONGCAMP?

I am capable of so much more than I thought. I gained more confidence and belief in myself with each workout.

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