Betty Fenner
Lynbrook, NY

Quick Q&A

Briefly explain your idea of a strong woman. 

A strong woman has confidence in herself. She stands up for herself and others. A strong woman believes in who she is and does not let anyone define who she is. She is amazing and does not have to change for anyone, she goes after her dreams and does stop until she has completed them.

Did you have a favorite workout or seminar at STRONGCAMP NY?

It is very hard to pick a favorite. What sticks out the most for me is when we did the drills with Donny Brady at his gym (Proficient Sports Training). The drills were very challenging but the women encouraged each other, cheered each other on, and everyone completed the drills. The gym was filled with positive energy. It was amazing how everyone worked together!

In few words, could you describe the weekend to someone who has never attended a STRONGCAMP? 

STRONGCAMP is a group of positive women coming together to have fun, exercise and challenge each other to be fit. It is women motivating women in their fitness journey. STRONGCAMP is a weekend of challenging yourself to different types of workouts with the other women. All of the instructor are very qualified. They have seminars that discuss nutrition and women’s health issues. Also, you get to talk about your own failures, successes and your goals. The weekend will have you laughing, cheering for each other, listening to what others have to say, and you may even shed a tear or two. It’s an inspiring weekend. You meet as strangers and leave as friends.

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