Cassie Winfrey
Suffield, CT

Quick Q&A

What did you enjoy most about your weekend at STRONGCAMP CT?

The love that was evident in every single leader and STRONGCAMP veteran. The acceptance and support from the whole weekend was absolutely incredible.

Tell me about one moment that sticks out most about the weekend.

This is a tough one but the moment that sticks out the most is when we were in our gratitude circle. When I held hands with friends next to me who two days prior were total strangers, seeing the smiles and feeling the love, I knew that every struggle will forever be different moving forward. Because now, I have an army of friends by my side.

Did you have a favorite workout or seminar at STRONGCAMP CT?

I loved learning about the nutrition and the 9/11 WOD. It was perfect. Everything about that weekend was perfect.

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