Chelan1 35 / Holistic Nutrition student / STRONGCAMP Vancouver / Mom of 2 gorgeous girls Grace & Sophie

Q: What inspired your fitness journey?
A: My story is one of transformation, as I have lost over 47lbs since the beginning of my fitness and wellness journey 3.5 years ago. I was depressed, lost and overweight and found myself struggling to find my place in the world. I had recently lost my mom to suicide due to mental illness, and wanted to make sure I didn’t follow in her foot steps, so I decided to get off the couch and change my life.

Q: Have you recently taken part in any competitions? 
A: In the last 3.5 years I have completed the Tough Mudder, a handful of 7 & 10km running races, 3 fitness competitions (bikini category, placing 2nd at my last show and advancing me to Provincials in Masters), as well as currently training for my first half marathon in the fall & perhaps a 1/2 tri-athalon next summer.

Q: Why did you sign up for STRONGCAMP?
A: I decided to do the Strongcamp after one of my girlfriends attended it in Edmonton last summer.  She spoke highly of how fun it was, and being such a team enthusiast kind of person I am, just had to attend.  I absolutely just love being empowered by other STRONG women, hearing their stories, working at a team together and showing each other and ourselves just how strong we are.  Size, age and strength truly doesn’t matter, it is the strength within that shows.

Chelan2Q: What did you learn from STRONGCAMP?
A: I gained valuable words and encouragement this Strongcamp from many different women.  I was about 3 weeks out from my last show, struggling to stay motivated, emotional and tired.  I couldn’t find the reason in myself to keep going and pushing myself to get to the stage.  From our first workout, I remembered how much I loved feeling my strength come through, how powerful exercising was and it gave me the reminder of how much I loved the lifestyle I lived, the reason why I wanted to compete and the push to keep going!  I listened to peoples reasons why they were strong and felt honored that they shared their memories with me, that we together were ONE and that each and everyone of us had this incredible strength.  I took everyone’s words, and held tight to them.  I placed 2nd at my show weeks later, forever grateful for being apart of  something so special.  For hearing the words of Jessica, reminding me to remember why I chose to make the choice to get to the stage and what it meant to me.  That was all that mattered.

Q: Who is your biggest supporter or motivator?
A: I find so many people motivating and inspirational daily.  I absolutely love people who have transformed their lives, made huge changes towards happiness and find passion in what they love.  My biggest supporters throughout my journey have of course been my husband Beau and my family.  Though they have found sometimes difficult ( prep life ) and the change in my lifestyle often hard to process, without their love and support I wouldn’t be where I am today.  The fitness world makes you often quite selfish at times, and my family has given me the room to grow.  I will forever be thankful for that.

I found both Nichelle and Jessica both very motivating and inspirational as their stories and their lives were touched home to me on so many ways.

If I had to say one person in the Industry that I have followed for years and always love to keep up with their success, I would choose Nicole Wilkins!  She has a passion for her life, career and the fitness Industry , and her support and messages are always from the heart!