Chris Hogan
Suffield, CT

Quick Q&A

What was your favorite part of camp this year?

Gosh such a hard question but I really loved the rowing workout this year!

How would you describe your experience at STRONGCAMP to a friend who has never been?

STRONGCAMP to me is a rejuvenation. I look forward to it and meeting new people and hearing their stories and knowing we are all there for our own reasons but collectively have a bond even though we may have never met previously. Women empowering women. It’s mindfulness, invigorating, encouraging and rejuvenation! Blessed to have met you and learn about STRONGCAMP!

Would you like to share a little bit about yourself and your STRONG story?  

My journey started when I turned 40 and was severely overweight. Fast forward 10+ years and later diagnosed with MS. I would never be where I am if I did not have the support of the people I surround myself with. This is absolutely an extension of that! I take away so much with me each year and truly helps me set the stage for the coming year and to keep moving!

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