Dawn Larmon
Barrie, ON, Canada

Quick Q&A

What did you enjoy most about your STRONGCAMP weekend?

  • The energy in the room was contagious!
  • Encouragement for all, from all!
  • Fitness level did not matter (I was unsure of what I was walking into).
  • Trying different workouts allowed me to see areas I could improve on.
  • Seminars – although a lot of review for me, I still left with new information.

How would you describe your experience at STRONGCAMP to a friend that has never been?

An amazing culture where you experience a feeling of belonging, and mental kindness (health) in a safe space. An overall day that gives you a sense of self-worth and purpose. 

Did you have a favorite workout or seminar at STONGCAMP Barrie?

I LOVED the circuit workout – it was a great combination of strength and endurance! 

The pound fitness and stilettos workouts were definitely out of my comfort zone as my coordination is not stellar. However, I did have fun with them and they both had my heart pumping.

Did you share anything during the STRONG circle?

During our STRONG circle, we were all presented with a question: “What does STRONG mean to you?”

After hearing the stories of the amazing women in the room, I felt comfortable enough to share my story. This is a bit of what I shared:

Growing up, STRONG to me was being elite. I would always strive to be at the top of my game, athletically. This meant improving technique, endurance and ability. This attitude carried me into being a varsity athlete on the basketball team. Then my world came to a crashing halt. I was dealt my first cancer card. The big C, a word no one wants to hear or could ever fathom personally.


I was young, 21, and I took it all in stride. I had difficulty dealing with it all but I would never show vulnerability, because that was not strong. Four years later, enter cancer card number two.


Two years later – enter cancer card number three.


My mind played some mean tricks on me over those years. For example, do the math – the cancer was moving in and cutting time in half with each hand dealt. I will keep that to myself. MOVE FORWARD.

Through many reflections and personal growth, I realized that gratitude is the best attitude. What do I have to be thankful for? Why am I still here? What can I offer?

17 years later, I am still on this journey of life. I cannot lie, it took me a while (literally years) to figure out what this journey needed to include, and I still work on improving that journey every day. 

Surrounded by a culture of love and encouragement I strive to be the healthiest version of me. Without this, I am not of any use to others. This is MY STRONG.

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