Deborah Bonfiglio
Toronto, ON

Quick Q&A

What was your motivation for attending STRONG Camp?
I was motivated to attend Strong camp as I am a part of the Team Strong Girls community and loved seeing pics of their past Strong camps and hearing their stories.  I was so inspired by their experience that I needed to experience it for myself.  I was so happy to be able to finally meet some of my team and my coach- Jenny in person.
What did you enjoy most about your STRONG Camp weekend?
I loved the connection and being with like-minded women.  Women who share in my passion of health and fitness. We’ve been isolated for what feels like forever so it was nice to be able to attend an event like this in person.
How would you describe your experience at STRONG Camp to a friend that has never been?
It is an experience that will remain with you forever. I left with such inspiration and motivation. It is an investment in yourself that is so worth it!
Did you have a favourite workout or seminar and why was it important to you?
I truly loved and appreciated every seminar, talk and workout of the day however, if I had to choose one that stuck out to me it would be the Pound workout with Ashley Webster.  This was completely out of my comfort zone as I had never done one before and was honestly so apprehensive (I have such fear of the unknown).  I ended up loving it and sad when it was over!
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