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STRONGCAMP is a weekend for women that combines training, nutrition and health, bringing STRONG Fitness Magazine to life.  The entire experience is photographed.  Every STRONGCAMP is featured in STRONG Fitness Magazine and the many of the pictures are used on our website.  Attendees also have access to all the images taken throughout the camp. STRONGCAMP [...]

What does the cost cover?

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The STRONGCAMP price includes a weekend of fun and challenging workouts and interesting seminars. You will utilizing a variety of equipment and learn new techniques and exercises.  Workouts will span a range of intensity levels and may be held both indoors and out.  Your day may include activities such as boxing training, yoga, circuits, beach runs [...]

Will I be able to do the workouts?

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Yes. STRONGCAMP is for all woman of any age, who are interested in take charge of their health.  Your ambassador will show modifications which can be applied to the exercises, making them suitable for all fitness levels.  STRONGCAMP welcomes women to challenge themselves in a positive and encouraging environment.

What do I bring with me to STRONGCAMP?

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Comfortable workout clothes and gym shoes An extra pair of gym shoes are recommended as some STRONGCAMP activities may be held outdoors --  such as trail hikes, runs and relays Meals, drinks and snacks you wish to have during lunch or throughout the day Gym towel, hat, hair ties, sunglasses, SPF Yoga mat Water bottle [...]

Is lunch and/or food provided each day?

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Lunch is not provided unless otherwise noted.  Everyone is responsible for their meals.  You may bring food with you and eat anytime during seminars, the format is casual (there may not be access to refrigerators or microwaves in all locations). During the lunch break, you may stay and eat your packed meal or you may [...]

Does the price include hotel accommodations?

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Hotel, food, and air travel are not included in the cost of STRONGCAMP.  You will receive the host hotel booking information approximately 4-6 weeks before your STRONGCAMP date.  You are responsible for securing your reservation.  STRONGCAMP does not guarantee any hotel pricing.  You are welcome to book any accommodation of your choice.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel if I am flying?

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You are responsible for your own transportation throughout STRONGCAMP weekend. However, feel free to stay in touch with the STRONGCAMP Facebook Group to see if there is anyone looking to share a hotel room and/or a ride from the airport for your particular location https://www.facebook.com/groups/STRONGFitnessMagazineSTRONGCAMP/