Francesca Fontanelli
Putnam County, NY

Quick Q&A

How would you describe STRONGCAMP to a friend that has never been? 

STRONGCAMP was an incredible experience. It was a day full of letting loose, getting out of your comfort zone in the best way possible, and becoming stronger in more ways than one. I was able to self-reflect and grow mentally while setting new goals and intentions for myself, to continue living a strong life.

Did you have a favorite workout or seminar at STRONGCAMP? 

All of the programming for STRONGCAMP was incredibly valuable and eye opening. My favorite of the day was the Self-Love seminar with Ashli Helm. As women, I feel as though we all give so much love to others, and forget to give ourselves the same love that we deserve. She also gave us the opportunity to go around the room and share a little bit about ourselves and our intentions moving forward, and I appreciated hearing more about the other strong women that I got to meet that day.

The ending to STRONGCAMP with Melissa Martin was also so powerful. Being able to hear motivating words of encouragement from other strong women, while also being able to build them up with positivity was an indescribable experience. Seeing the vulnerability of everyone in the room was inspiring and it was fulfilling to see so many women leave feeling empowered and loved. I am a firm believer that women should be there to support and empower other women, and this event did just that!

Share with us a moment you felt most empowered that weekend.

My most empowering moment was being able to share my story. This past year, I was in a terrible accident that almost took my life. I also suffered injuries that left me unable to work out or do much of anything for months. But with determination, perseverance, and support of my community, I was able to overcome this setback. Although I have healed both physically and emotionally, I wanted to share my story with the women of STRONGCAMP to show them that life is hard, and we all go through struggles. But with the right support system and the will to keep pushing on, you can survive AND thrive…and come out stronger on the other side. I am grateful to STRONGCAMP and Krista Ferrara for allowing me to not only share my story, in hopes to inspire others, but to also grow and be inspired by everyone else that day!

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