Jada Korica
Olympia, WA

Quick Q&A

What was your favorite part of STRONGCAMP Olympia, WA?

My favorite part of the weekend was the breakout sessions focused on confidence and self talk. I loved the authenticity and support from all of the wonderful women that I met and had the opportunity to be inspired by. The workouts were amazing  however my biggest challenge overall has been consistency and strength to mentally focus on me over the past few years. As a single mom and full-time professional, I have not given “me” the time that she deserves. This weekend, listening to all of the other women and their stories really inspired me to reset my pattern of thinking.

Did you discover anything about yourself while attending STRONGCAMP?

I discovered that I am not alone in this journey and that the only person that is holding me back is me. I also learned some amazing new workouts that I can do at home using resistance bands and my own body weight!

In one word, could you describe your experience from this STRONGCAMP weekend?


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