Jaime David
Rio Rancho, NM

Quick Q&A

Did you learn something new about yourself over Strong Camp weekend? 

I went into the weekend excited to spend some time with my best friend, Wesley, who traveled from Kansas City to attend with me. What I didn’t realize is how transformed I would feel walking out of those doors when the weekend was complete! I started working out 3 years ago and have been committed to fitness despite not ever really thinking of myself as an athlete. Over the weekend I tried new workouts, learned new information about nutrition, listened to several motivational speakers, and had the chance to share my story along with everyone else. Having the chance to be vulnerable and open was really incredible and it brought a renewed sense of confidence and pride about the lifestyle changes I have made. It has also motivated me to set new aspirations to continue my fitness journey.

Describe your experience at camp to someone who has never been?

The magic of Strong Camp is the chance to spend two days with a group of women who share a common commitment to put themselves first for the weekend. The combination of fun workouts tailored to all levels of fitness and informative seminars really give the women attending a chance to learn, have fun, get to know new friends and bond over shared life struggles and successes. The energy of the group was vibing for 2 days straight! It is definitely an experience I would recommend to any woman who has the opportunity to attend!

Did you have a favorite workout or seminar at Strong Camp? 

I loved our SteelMace workouts with Lori Verta! The mace is a powerful, spiritual and amazing tool. The workouts make you feel strong and grounded. I believe I can speak for all of our attendees that it was one of the top highlights of the weekend. Another camp favorite was when our trainer, Kimberly Lynn, led a conversation in which she shared her STRONG Moment and asked those comfortable to share their‘s.  EVERY single attendee went to the front of the room and shared their why and their journey. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! Giving women a chance to tell their story is truly powerful and created a strong bond that set the tone for the weekend.

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