Kaitlin Foley
Charlotte, NC

Quick Q&A

What was your favorite part of STRONGCAMP Charlotte?

Picking my favorite thing about STRONGCAMP Charlotte is tough! I LOVED the nutrition talk with Jennifer Brunelli and thought it was a great way to kickoff the seminar portion of camp. The way she broke it all down and presented information really hit home with me. 
Workout-wise, the HIIT workout with Taylor Calamese was my jam. That kicked my butt in all of the best ways. I love those kind of workouts that just get you in the zone and you can’t think of anything else than just pushing yourself. 
The last thing (I told you it was too hard to pick one!) was getting to connect with so many like-minded ladies. Some I had met at a previous camp, some I knew from online workout groups for years and finally connected in person, others I met for the first time at camp. There are no words to describe how nice it is to be among a group of like-minded women who are supporting one another. It’s truly amazing.

Did you discover anything about yourself while attending STRONGCAMP?

This camp was all about getting out of my comfort zone. I could do HIIT workouts and lift weights all day, but if you had asked me to do a dance workout in any other setting, I would have said you were crazy. The STRUT session was pure anxiety for me, and I almost didn’t do it. The introvert in me was freaking out, but I walked in heels with everyone watching, and it wasn’t that bad. I’m grateful for all of the ladies that pushed me, both mentally and physically, down the runway and made me step out of my comfort zone.

In one word, could you describe your experience from this STRONGCAMP weekend?

Inspiring. Each woman, speaker and coach at camp inspired me. We all have our own stories and struggles and it was really amazing to get to connect with one another.
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