42 / Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coach / STRONGCAMP San Diego / Married 21 years with 4 kids

What made you decide to attend STRONGCAMP San Diego?
Several reasons; I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and be around other fitness-minded women. I also wanted to learn and grow as a strong woman who works with other women on a regular basis. How I present myself to my own clientele is very important to me, and I wanted to attend something that would continue my growth process as a strong woman.

What did you learn from STRONGCAMP?
That I truly am a STRONG woman. I had already developed good habits of getting in great workouts and eating nutritionally balanced meals, but the confidence I received through the training, the camaraderie with other women and the amazing STRONG Ambassadors at STRONGCAMP, I left truly feeling like I could fly! I was accepted, complimented and challenged to become the best woman I could possibly be. I will be forever changed because of STRONGCAMP.

Best moment of 2015?
I have so many “best moments”, but as a mother of 4, seeing my children connecting and enjoying one another is a pretty good moment! As I write this, I am sitting at Lake Tahoe watching my 19 year old daughter and my 3 year old daughter play. I see my 12 and 17 year old sons enjoying a game together, and just last night my 17 year old son and 19 year old daughter enjoyed a jam together on their guitars. Priceless! I’m all about family, so this is a big moment for me.

Who is your biggest supporter or motivator?
My husband! He has ALWAYS supported me throughout every endeavor I’ve had. When I wanted to get certified in Tae Bo® with Billy Blanks 10 years ago, I was freaked out of my mind! But my husband never doubted me for a second. Since then, everything I’ve wanted to do to advance my career or to better myself, he has always been there encouraging me and pushing me to do it.

What are you goals for 2015?
I have had a GREAT career as a fitness professional and I have good influence with others. I am grateful for that! So my big goal in 2015 is to really expand my reach of influence. I want to take more of my expertise online and create programs and tools to help anyone who will go for it. My husband and I work together and have created a brand PowerFitCouple where we are offering fitness, nutrition, business, and personal development tools. The biggest part of that goal in 2015 is to write a book, and I’m in the process already! With 4 children and a busy career, I know it will be a challenge, but with good planning and scheduling, I KNOW I CAN DO IT!