Mary is a certified personal trainer and weight loss specialist through NASM, and is also pursuing her nutrition coach certification. She trains out of F & H Fitness Studio, the premier fitness studio in Alaska. She also teaches Culture Circuit X, DEEP Stretch, and Recover & Stretch, a post-spin cycling specific, express stretching class.  She’s a Reiki Master/Energy Healer, as well as an author, blogger, lifestyle coach, and podcast host of the Aging Youthful brand.

Mary impacts the women around her by exemplifying that age is just a number. Since turning 50, Mary wrote her first book, became a personal trainer, and competed in two Strong(wo)man competitions. If you visit her, you will always find her in the studio with a cheerful attitude and smile, even at 5:00 a.m.

Mary’s recently released book, Aging Youthful In Menopause and Beyond, The Menopausal Mindset: A Workbook, outlines just some of the lifestyle lessons she practices since making her health a priority in her early 40s. Mary’s purpose is to inspire others, especially women, to not let their age stop them from following their passions. According to Mary, “Aging gracefully is SO 1999; we are aging youthfully in the 21st century!”