24/Recreation Therapist, Performance Trainer/STRONGCAMP Vancouver 2015

Why did you sign up for STRONGCAMP?
I signed up for STRONGCAMP because I knew the workouts would be a blast and I would get a chance to meet more like-minded women. As I had just moved to Vancouver from Ontario, I wanted to meet more people. Specifically, more people who were interested in or currently living a STRONG lifestyle. Also, the last time I had seen Nichelle Laus, we were competing against each other at the Oktoberfest Classic in the Bikini Category. I knew that she was a killer trainer and I was excited at the opportunity to get to know her better.


What was your favorite part of the STRONGCAMP weekend? 
My favourite part of STRONGCAMP was…all of it? I couldn’t choose just one event. The camaraderie, intensity and strength of training with a group of women in that environment is unbeatable. After our STRONG talks with Nichelle and Jessica on Day 2, other women shared some of their stories. On my drive home that day I cried the whole way. I cried because I had seen what STRONG women do, what they stand for and how they support each other. It made me want to push myself to be better and surround myself with these types of people.

What was the most valuable lesson or technique you learned (training or otherwise)?
The most valuable lesson I learned was that I am worthy of strength and being treated like the powerful human I was created to be. I learned self-respect and vulnerability, both traits that I have carried forward and used to make some bold life changes. I also learned the power of the skipping rope and now use it almost daily! Attending STRONGCAMP changed my life and introduced to me to some fabulous women.

Who is your biggest supporter?
My family, boyfriend and friends are all amazing supports. My mom and sister have always been my rocks.

What are your future plans?
I am currently in the application process for becoming a Vancouver Police Officer, alongside training clients and running fitness classes 6 days each week. I hope to open my own performance facility with a focus on continuing education for trainers and coaches in years to come. I also plan on attending the next Vancouver STRONGCAMP!

Anything else we should know about you?
My training philosophy and personal mission statement is: Commit To Confidence. To me, this means once you make the commitment to choosing confidence in any area of your life you will empower yourself and those around you. STRONGCAMP helped me to live out my mission statement to the fullest, thank you!