32 / Project Manager / STRONGCAMP Toronto

Why did you sign up for STRONGCAMP?
I am an avid reader of STRONG Magazine. I’ve read every issue, I’ve tried all the workouts, I admire all of the athletes. I wanted to be involved and was really excited when the schedule was announced and there was a camp in my area.

What was your favorite part of the STRONGCAMP weekend?
I loved the entire weekend. The variety in the workouts and the bond created among the women in such a short time is pretty incredible. The Ambassadors really push you to try things you likely wouldn’t attempt on your own. For me, a real standout moment was participating in the STRONG Seminar. Throughout the weekend you become really comfortable with fellow campers quickly. The stories shared when asked “What makes you STRONG?” were really inspiring. Learning about how the women had overcome adversity in their lives, the different approaches to balancing work and family while still making time to pursue passions, all were very thought-provoking and really gave you perspective.

What was the most valuable lesson or technique you learned (training or otherwise)?
Bonding with other women was really valuable. We all have very busy lives and it’s pretty easy to let time slip by without making time to have fun! STRONGCAMP served as a great reminder of how important it is to try new things, spend time with friends, always make time for you and, most importantly, to laugh and have fun.

Who is your biggest supporter?
Ian, my husband and best friend. He was a tremendous source of support throughout the emotional journey of Competition. Whether it was pushing me to get to the gym on days when my motivation was not quite as high, or encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. He makes me smile every single day and I am very lucky to have him in my life.

What are your future plans?
I plan to continue to pursue my passions. I have a few competitions on the horizon, I am currently enrolled in a nutrition program which I’m scheduled to complete later this year and hope to do a little traveling in the early part of 2016.