Sara Zufelt
Olympia, WA

Quick Q&A

What did you enjoy most about your STRONGCAMP weekend? Did you discover anything new about yourself while at camp?

My favorite part of STRONGCAMP was being surrounded by other women who love exercise and the fit life as much as I do. When we completed a tough workout and we celebrated together, there’s no better feeling! This year, I learned to leave judgment at the door. Your fitness level and/or your physique is so irrelevant at camp and in life. I let that negativity go, and it made camp so much more enjoyable.

How would you describe your experience at STRONGCAMP to a friend who has never been?

STRONGCAMP is women motivating women. STRONGCAMP is being challenged to complete tough tasks and celebrating your success with the other campers. It’s seminars that touch on topics such as goal setting, mental health, team building, and women’s health. It is confidence building. STRONGCAMP will have you laughing, cheering, giving high fives, and even shedding those cathartic tears.

Tell us something about your favorite workout or seminar at the camp? 

STRONGCAMP offers great workouts and seminars. My favorite workout was the Spartan Race/bootcamp! We traded in the weights for buckets and tires, ropes and pavement. We all worked together to finish tougher as a team! My favorite seminar was titled “Our Truth, Our Lies.” I listened as each trainer and each camper shared their lies and truths. I chose to share a bit of my fitness journey. I am a veteran, a wife, and a mother. Until about four years ago, I was also a heavy drinker. I was miserable. In fact I didn’t want to live anymore, but I couldn’t leave my baby without a mother. I went to see a trainer at the studio. I started the meal plan and began walking each day. About a month later, I quit drinking. This is where the lies started rearing their ugly heads. Without the numbing, I had to face my demons. I thought I was unworthy of love and I was full of self-loathing. I listened to my little voice tell me I was worthless and shameful. BUT! The good food I was eating, and the exercise I was getting started changing the narrative! If I can do that, then maybe I can do this hard thing, or that hard thing. I started telling myself I am worthy of success and love. I have lost many “friends” since getting sober. I gained a fit family that celebrates my truths and reminds me to leave the lies behind.

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