Sheryl Cook
Barrie, ON, Canada

Quick Q&A

What did you enjoy most about the weekend?

This is a very tough question! What I felt immediately was how welcoming our ambassador Brenda was. She ensured everyone was exercising and participating in discussions at a level they felt comfortable with. I loved the balance between fitness activities and discussions. The fitness workouts (i.e. circuit, POUND) were challenging, new and fun. The lectures on nutrition and pelvic health were informative and allowed for discussion. I felt the STRONGCAMP  message was  “every woman is and can be strong, and that you’re not alone.” That was my favourite part.

How would you describe your experience at STRONGCAMP to a friend who has never been?

I would describe my participation at STRONGCAMP as EMPOWERING! If you want to look after yourself and want a non-judgemental,  least intimidating way, and meet like minded woman  I would highly recommend STRONGCAMP.

Did you have a favorite workout or seminar at STRONGCAMP Barrie? 

In all honesty, I immersed myself in the whole experience. I went as a participant who didn’t want to judge anything or anyone. I have felt that there’s always something to learn. I loved watching my friends opening themselves up and participating in all the fitness, lectures, and discussions. I felt comfortable being me, a woman, a strong woman and at the end of the day I would say that makes for a successful STRONGCAMP.

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