We require a lot of JPEG’s, the bigger the better – RAW files are not required.

Please ensure to capture images of everyone as equally as possible during the workouts. In the past we have usually taken about 3000 pictures if not more at the average camp with the camera set on burst mode capturing 2 to 3 images of everything for safety. When indoors depending on available light, it’s fine to increase the ISO. We know that it’s needed for fast moving objects in low light conditions – We are fine with grain over blur.

You can see samples of past camps here.

Feel free to use a combination of black-and-white photos and colour photos. We need the group shot to be in colour. The stuff we print is more the action shots than the relaxed shots. Please ensure the participants are all wearing their STRONGCAMP Tanks for all the images. This might have to be communicated with the camp ambassador first thing Saturday morning.
We usually have the major workout in the morning before lunch, followed by the group shots (Some smiling and some serious – Color and black and white). You can usually capture everything needed by then. Please discuss with the camp ambassador should she have anything specific she would want captured. Getting it all done by lunch is in everyone’s best interest.

We share the pictures with everyone and they will be watermarked with your name along with STRONGCAMP on the web for all the participants to have access to. It works really well as everyone shares most of their images and it’s great promotion for all involved.

We like to do the group shoot on Saturday morning after the first really hard and intense workout. We want to participants looking as sweaty and ass-kicked as possible.

We ask you submit the images in high res as soon as possible. We often have the galleries update onto the site the same Saturday afternoon. When submitting, please also make sure to include how you want to be credited i.e. Photo by Your Name / #yourname / www.yourname.com etc.

You can send the gallery via WeTransfer (Free) to paulbuceta@gmail.com