Esther DeBoer

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37/CORRECTIONAL OFFICER/STRONGCAMP TORONTO Esther attended STRONGCAMP Toronto, but you may have also seen her on stage in Figure Competitions. Word spread around STRONG headquarters that she was one to watch, and we think you'll agree. Why did you sign up for STRONGCAMP? I'm in the middle of getting ready for a show and [...]

Erin Senio

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My story isn’t about a drastic weight loss or life changing transformation but I overcame obstacles that others can relate to.  This story will surprise some people that know me but I hope it can help others who deal with body image issues better than I have. As women, we hear about looking a certain [...]

Dates & Locations

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STRONG Bootcamps Dates and Locations 2014 STRONG Los Angeles January 17-19 STRONG Dallas April 4-6 STRONG NYC May 2-4 STRONG Toronto June 13-15 STRONG Vancouver June 20-22 STRONG Minneapolis July 18-20 STRONG Denver August 1-3 STRONG Houston October 17-19 STRONG Phoenix November 7-9 STRONG Reunion December 3-7 (tbd) *** Because of the physical nature of the bootcamps, we strongly recommend consulting with a physician before attending. [...]