When I agreed to go to StrongCamp I did it at the urging of a friend. To be honest, I didn’t really want to go, I was going through a little funk and was feeling pretty bad about myself and felt I wouldn’t fit in. I didn’t have the body I once had and wasn’t in the shape I thought I needed to be in, I had a 1000 excuses. But, I went and I am so glad I did! The weekend started off totally different then I thought it would, the women at these camps come to truly support one another, no matter what. The next day as we finished one heck of a workout, we sat around talking and sharing our stories. As Jessie shared her story it opened the door for us to be 100% real and honest, and that’s exactly what happened. She then went around the room asking us what Strong meant to each of us, everyone had a different answer and story but the theme was the same. Somewhere as women we felt unworthy, rather from our past or not being able to figure out of future, we all felt we missed the mark. We carried guilt, shame, embarrassment and some resentment at not being able to be everything to everyone including ourselves. We all cried together and loved on each other and for me eased the pain of feeling lost. I realized I wasn’t alone in my feelings, and I actually got a great deal of self acceptance from that weekend. I still carry that with me along with our stories. Most of us have gone on to be Facebook friends so we can keep up with and support each other. I cannot tell you how amazing it was to be part of something so wonderful. I have truly made friends for life from this camp!

Strong Sisters Forever
Missy Reed 

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