I Am Enough…

I joined the Minneapolis Strong Camp in July, and really had no clue what I was getting myself into. I knew there would be workouts, and talk about fitness, nutrition, and what being a strong women meant, but it was so much more.

I’ve dealt with a lot of demons in my life, and to say that I’ve put them in the past and moved on would be like sweeping a dirty floor and leaving the dirt under the rug.

I believe there’s a reason for everything in life. Each struggle is a lesson to learn from and Strong Camp made many of us realize just how strong one person can be. I knew there was a reason for attending Strong Camp – and my reason hit me about 5 minutes before leaving camp on the last day.

You see, most of us shared stories of our “strong” moments in life – a moment or two where we had to fight to be strong. I couldn’t share mine. As everyone went around and shared their moments, I didn’t have the courage to talk about mine. So before leaving, I approached Kirstyn Brown, thanked her for the amazing weekend, apologized for not sharing my story and asked if I could submit my story instead. It was then that I confessed my hesitancy to share. The other women’s stories were so strong, and I was afraid mine wouldn’t be good enough. And bless her heart, she explained that everyone’s story is perfect in his or her own way and everyone’s story is still unfolding. And there it was – my ah-ha moment. I’ve gone years thinking that I’m not good enough. Years! Now that I figured it out, I’m able to rewind that story and replay it knowing… I Am Enough.

Strong camp isn’t just about being fit and lean – it’s about the struggles we all go through in life and how strong we are to come out alive. It’s really hard to put the Strong Camp experience into words, however, after all that was shared and learned, I do know that this weekend will be kept very close to my heart. I can’t thank the Strong Camp enough for making a lasting impression on me and giving me my
ah-ha” moment.

Dayna Deters

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