Allanna Jones-Anstaett

Allanna’s personal journey in fitness began when she experienced a wakeup call: Her weight was approaching 200lbs, she felt defeated, unhappy, and self-conscious. As an Officer of the Military, she realized she needed to lead by example and she decided to change her life. Upon setting her goal of competing in a fitness competition that was just five months away, Allanna committed to a clean diet, and a consistent gym schedule, all while working a full-time job. Not only did she compete in her scheduled show, it launched a new career path for Allanna, who is now a Figure Universe Pro, elite trainer, group fitness instructor, and an Officer in the Air Force. Allanna’s story of transformation is also featured on

Allanna says she loves living a healthy lifestyle and being physically fit, and is looking forward to inspiring others to realize their full potential through dedication and passion. Her message? Anything is possible.