Brigitte Dompierre

Brigitte is from Montreal, Quebec, and holds BAs in both psychology and education. By day, she is a physical education teacher and by night, an elite pro fitness model, posing/staging coach, TV personality specializing in fitness and nutrition (Television Rogers, Nat en Parle), public speaker, and proud mother of two.

An avid fitness enthusiast and athlete, Brigitte achieved her 2nd degree black belt in jiu jitsu and a black belt in kickboxing.

After gaining over 60 lbs during her pregnancy and losing her mother suddenly to cancer, Brigitte decided to make some positive lifestyle changes and focused on her health to bring balance to her mind and body. In doing so, she inspired the 100% Fit Girl brand and influenced other women to make similar positive changes. She now focuses on teaching women how to empower themselves by combining her psychology degree and coaching, and prides herself on instilling confidence and motivating change in her clients.

Brigitte recently launched her airbrush/spray tan company to bring awareness to the hazardous dangers of ultra violet radiation. She believes the greatest wealth is health, and hopes to educate through her various initiatives. Along with co-Ambassador Dawn Armstrong, Brigitte is looking forward to planning a challenging weekend at STRONGCAMP Ottawa!

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