Celia Smart, known by most as “Cel”, is a wife, mom, coach, athlete, entrepreneur, professional salesperson, and community  leader. She has more than 17 years in the fitness industry as a coach, trainer, athlete, and emcee.  She is certified with ACE Group Fitness and is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

Cel’s daily mantra is “Be Amazing”. This mantra led her to create a  community where women can be uplifted, motivated, and inspired through fitness. In 2018, she launched the first Be Amazing Weekend. This is a weekend of events for women to come together for fitness, fun, and celebration. In 2021 the Be Amazing weekend will include a 5k walk/run, Be Amazing Bikini Competition, Be Amazing Showcase, and a Be Amazing Gala. Mark your calendar for Oct 15-16 in Charlotte, NC for the next Be Amazing Weekend, sponsored by STRONG Fitness Magazine. 

Much of Cel’s 17 years coaching has been invested in women  with a specific goal whether it be weight loss, cheer and dance  audition prep, or to take the stage in fitness or bikini  competitions. Since 2010 Celia has been the fitness coach for the  NBA Charlotte Hornets professional dance team, the “Honey  Bees”. 

Cel has competed in 25 fitness shows from 2003-2017. She  received her Fitness America Pro card at the age of 40 and placed  3rd in the 2017 Fitness America Worlds at 43 years of age. For the  last 6 years Celia has been an emcee for local fitness shows.  

Cel has always maintained a great sense of personal responsibility to continually invest in her community to help others. She works as a volunteer for several Charlotte based non-profits, with two of her favorites being the Heart Bright Foundation and Carolina Breast Friends. In 2019, Cel participated in Dancing with the Stars  Charlotte, benefiting Carolina Breast Friends. She raised over $30,000 and won the judges’ choice award in the Stars Dance Competition.  

Cel’s most recent project started in 2020 is the Be Amazing  Podcast, hosted by SweatNET. Cel’s podcast is a collection of  inspirational interviews, each episode dedicated to one woman as  she shares what makes her amazing. A new episode drops every  Wednesday. 

Cel believes that when women let their guards down and  collaborate great things happen. “We bond over the desire to be a  better version or ourselves.”- Cel Smart