Dacia Lucas

CPT, Group Exercise Instructor, Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Dacia had a passion for both gymnastics and cooking growing up. She looked up to Olympic icons Mary Lou Retton and Nadia Comaneci, and, in high school, competed with her school’s gymnastic team. Upon graduating in 1991, she worked as a chef until entering college to study Criminal Justice.

Stepping out of her comfort zone, Dacia joined the military at age 30, and found her place. She trained and pursued her career as an Aircraft Engine Mechanic. It was here, she rekindled her passion for fitness and began hosting exercise classes for base members, helping many of them pass their physical fitness test, while improving their overall health.

While attending her first STRONGCAMP in 2015, Dacia connected with STRONG and what it represents — a place where women of all fitness levels can come together to inspire and encourage each other to become more — physically and mentally.

Dacia holds certifications in Group Exercise, Fitness Nutrition, Weight Management, Stress and Resilience, and Personal Training. She became a STRONG Ambassador in 2018 and hosted her first camp in Suffield, CT at Land Warrior CrossFit, joining forces with owners David and Susan Tripp.

Since 2015, she has attended 17 STRONGCAMPs and has hosted 4 awesome STRONGCAMPs of her own. Her passion stems from a belief that all women are strong and become stronger when we uplift each other. She loves helping women find their strength and confidence in fitness. An experience, she says, is both humbling and inspiring.

Dacia, as our Director of STRONGCAMP, has added another exciting component to her personal and professional development. She is honored to take on this responsibility and we are very fortunate to have her!