Erika Strimer

Erika’s clients say she’s amazing because her career mirrors her take on life. It’s not about money or fame, it’s about people, connection, and belief.

“My story is one of transformation. I was not born an athlete; my previous life was one of high heels, corporate lunches, and a brain rattled with justifications of not having enough time to work out or eat right. One day being blessed by circumstance, I met someone who believed in me—who lit a fire inside me that burns stronger and brighter every day.  In the past four years, I went from a high-earning corporate sales job to being the sole proprietor of a boot camp. I built my city camp from the ground up, and now I can boast that it has over 200 members and has changed thousands of lives. I have created a movement where people get more than just a workout—they experience a connection. I am a leader. I empower my community by creating a space where you work hard at your own pace, and where everyone is successful and supportive. I help people get results. I get them to work hard and believe that they can. I give 110% of myself, to make sure that my client’s focus is on getting better, stronger, and one step closer to their goals, from start to finish. The workout is different every single day you show up to camp.”

Erika is constantly learning new techniques to challenge her campers in a way that is effective and safe. For her, her business is more than a job, more than just a passion: it’s a calling. Erika’s camp is not just a workout; it’s about changing the way you live your life.

“It starts right here, with a commitment to love yourself, to love the body you have right now and take responsibility to care for it in a way that makes it as healthy and strong as possible. If the mind believes it the body can achieve it.”