Esmin Feliciano

CPT and PN, Nutrition Coach
After becoming a mother, Esmin’s passion for fitness reached new heights, and being an encouraging and positive role model for her children is her highest priority. As a nutritional coach, personal trainer, and fitness competitor, her goal is to inspire, motivate, and support other women to elevate their lives by guiding them through their health and wellness journeys and push their limits.

True to her beliefs, and pushing her own limits, Esmin entered her first fitness competition in 2013. At her second show in 2014, she placed second in Bikini and Figure.  She has attended multiple STRONGCAMPs since 2015, has been a guest speaker and instructor at STRONGCAMP Suffield 2018 and 2019, as well as Dare to Be You, Boston, an event also hosted by STRONGCAMP Ambassador, Dacia Lucas.

As a mother of three and practicing dental hygienist, Esmin is no stranger to the stress that comes from juggling work and family, but her drive for fitness is her secret to finding the optimal work-life balance. Esmin’s ambition is to always stay energized, productive, and positive in each facet of her life.