Jessica Ambeau

Jessica Ambeau is a Certified Personal Trainer, Spin instructor and proud owner of Fit Plus in Erie, PA.

Jessica began her fitness journey 11 years ago, with a goal to become a bikini competitor. She took the plunge and signed up with a personal trainer. Six months after being 100% committed to herself and her training, she reached that goal by gracing the stage in her first bikini competition. Since then, Jessica has competed in over 30 competitions, earning her IFBB pro card in August of 2020.

Jessica fell in love with fitness, the way it made her feel and the discipline and drive it taught her. Her love for the sport, positive mindset and discipline had also helped her get through some very trying times in her life. She is a firm believer that her passion for fitness is what helped shape her into the woman she is today. 

In 2019, Jessica founded JLKFIT.COM to help women achieve their fitness goals all over the world with her online coaching.

Most recently, she and her boyfriend Jack Sullivan, opened a boutique fitness studio in Erie, PA. Fit Plus provides a unique fitness experience by offering high-intensity, coach-inspired group workouts that are energetic, fun, and intimidation-free! “I have a huge desire to help women realize their potential; to not give up on their goals regardless of the time it may take to achieve them.”