Jess Mahnken

Having grown up playing team sports, during college Jessica found her way into outdoor adventure sports including kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing. Her love of the outdoors took her from Texas to Lake Tahoe. Working in the outdoor industry and then within the fire service in Lake Tahoe, staying athletic has always been a priority.

Jessica was a STRONGCAMP guest at the very first camp (Phoenix 2013), and also attended additional camps to lead yoga (LA and San Diego). She is an NPC Bikini competitor, personal trainer, nutrition specialist, yoga instructor, and most importantly a wife and mother of two.

Today, Jessica oversees the day to day operations of a brand new multi-generational Community and Senior Center, including the gym and fitness center, while still teaching yoga and staying fit in order to keep up with her two young kids and motivate them for a healthy lifestyle.  Included in her motivation, she is inspired beyond words each week by her devoted Silver Yoga class participants, where she is able to see firsthand the rewards of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle throughout your entire life.