ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer & Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor, Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health & Psychology.

Jill is originally from Edmoton, Alberta, and comes from an athletic background playing NCAA varsity women’s hockey at the University of Minnesota Duluth (2003-2008). In 2017 Jill and her family relocated to Miramichi, New Brunswick. Jill is a mother of 3 daughters (Taylor, Riley, Kate) and a son (Jackson), and is involved in coaching her daughters in hockey and softball.

The role sports and fitness has played in Jill’s life started out as a way to bond with her brothers, a passion for athletics and an outlet for her competitive drive. As Jill’s life changed, so did the role fitness and sports played in it. Sports and Fitness  became a source of strength and power to get through adversity in her life such as; loss, grief and challenging times. Realizing how this helped her, Jill wanted to give back and show the power you can receive through movement, health and setting goals and crushing them. In 2019 Jill and her husband, Chris,  launched their own Fitness and Nutrition Coaching business, “VITA” (2019) and they haven’t looked back since! Jill and her husband share this passion together and have helped numerous people in their community to live more meaningful and healthier lives. In 2021, Jill quit her 9-5 position (Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist- Assisting Veterans post military) to transition full time to her and Chris’ coaching business, VITA.

Jill thrives on pushing her clients to see their truest potential! To live big, take action, and to go all in on the life you want! You only get one life. Jill is your hype girl that believes in you. That will push you towards crushing your goals.