Noel Davis

CPT, CNC, Team Strong Girls Coach, USA Taekwondo Coach

Julia (@juliachanghappy) is a certified nutrition coach, certified personal trainer, and Team Strong Girls coach. She’s also a USA Taekwondo coach and focuses on mindset.
As a mom of 3, she learned early on in motherhood, that putting her health and fitness first needed to be a top priority if she were to keep up with the demands of everyday life. Fitness has remained a constant through life’s ups and downs. It has helped shape her confidence, energy levels, and physique.
Julia fell in love with strength training preparing for the Mrs. America stage and since then, she’s been passionate and dedicated in helping women make the switch to strength training, food flexibility and a life full of fun and memories! Oh, and a positive outlook to match!
She joined Team Strong Girls to level up her coaching in fitness and nutrition to ensure clients receive maximum support and resources as they undergo body transformations.