Karin Shay

Karin Shay receives a true sense of fulfilment by inspiring and motivating others to lead fit and healthy lifestyles. As a wife, mother of four boys, fitness model, and marathon trainer, her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Her family, her career circle, and the women she trains look up to her for her confidence, energy, and encouragement. She is the fitness/wellness Event Director for Equinox Fitness Canada and has been creating amazing events in her community for over five years. Her efforts have gained the attention of local news, appearing on CTV News and TV CP24, Toronto.  

Karin has completed marathons in New York, Chicago, and Toronto. As a fitness professional, she has helped train a wide range of women in her community to achieve their individual marathon goals, as well as supporting them through their preparation until the moment they cross the finish line.

A few years ago, Karin suffered a tremendous loss in her family when she lost her mother to breast cancer. Not only did she lose her mom, but she also lost her best friend. Since then, Karin has helped raise over $600k by creating various fitness and wellness initiatives to help the fight against breast cancer, in memory of her mother Irit Shay.

The wheels are always turning as Karin looks for new ways to create connections in her community and teamwork through fitness. It is her mission to help women of all ages, sizes, shapes, and backgrounds be the best possible versions of themselves and wake up every day being proud of their accomplishments, both large and small.  

Be on the lookout, as Karin could be hosting a STRONGCAMP near you!