Kelly Nickel

Kelly Nickel is a fit mom of 4, author, certified trainer, and overall athletic enthusiast. She has followed a personal journey of fitness for over 20 years, with over a decade of that as an experienced trainer at both the university level, and as a fitness business owner. She became personally trained and certified by the fitness legend, Billy Blanks, and taught Tae Bo® fitness at the University of California for 2 years before starting her own business and becoming a NESTA Certified trainer.

For 7 years, she specialized in boot-camp style workouts for women, and incorporated fun but challenging workouts that utilized circuit-style training with weights, bodyweight, plyometrics, sprints, and in the last few years, added a new element by incorporating yoga.

She now has taken her fitness and nutrition expertise into the online business world, and has co-created the fit mind and body brand, Power Fit Couple, with her husband, Karey.   She has written an e-book on healthy weight loss, and is currently working on a full length book, in the hopes of reaching many more people online through training courses and online tools. With the Power Fit Couple brand, she and her husband will offer life-training courses, nutrition guidance, and fitness expertise. Their first 6-week mind/body/heart course is on tap to be completed early next year; it will focus on building mental strength, building a fit body (including online workouts), and building a healthy body from the inside out with quality nutrition.

Her desire is to show women of any age, career path, or status, that they can follow their dreams. Kelly’s goal is to help women dig out the dreams they may have buried, and realize the life they were designed to live!