Kristi Youngdahl is a widely-recognized leader in the fitness community. She endeavored to become a transformational coach and certified personal trainer to help others rise up and live the abundant, vibrant, and fulfilling life they deserved. She knows firsthand just how challenging the path to lasting health and healing can be, which is why she created a supportive approach to wellness that’s unique and personal to the individual, acknowledging mental, physical, nutritional, and spiritual aspects. Kristi’s powerful message of hope and inspiration has reached a global audience.

Kristi is a successful entrepreneur, leadership trainer, published international fitness model, national fitness competitor, and world-renowned personal trainer. She motivates her clients with a balanced approach to clean eating, and covers a wide range of holistic services as a life and spiritual mentor. To continue her reach to a wider audience, she dedicates her time to her blog, philanthropy, motivational speaking, and has authored three healthy cookbooks, and contributed to top fitness publications. She is also the founder of Inspired Fitness, and most importantly, she’s a devoted wife and mother of three.

Kristi was recently recognized as one of the “Top 10 Most Inspiring Success Stories” in Oxygen Magazine. Her success confirms that weathering difficult times teaches lessons to create growth. Kristi is most passionate about helping others gather their own lessons to find strength to rise and design the life of their dreams. Every woman deserves to find her purpose, realize her infinite value, and powerfully create an abundant, fulfilling life.