Stress Management Coach, PN1, PN2, PN1-SSRC

Lisa O’Donnell Wolfe is an entrepreneur, wife and mother of two amazing children.  She is certified Master Health Coach and Inner Alignment Coach, specializing in health, stress reduction and inner alignment – which allows her to provide a 6-layered approach to wellness and healing.

Lisa began her fitness career as a certified group instructor in 1996.  Wanting to help more people on a higher level, she became an Area Promotions Director for Powder Blue Productions and then Master Trainer with Beachbody.  She continues to teach multiple types of classes and she is also an ACE Personal Trainer.

Remembering the stress and pressure she encountered as a working single mom, she became certified as a Master Health Coach via HCI and Precision Nutrition to help other women avoid the same struggles.

Lisa is on a mission to serve and empower as many women as possible because every woman is deserving of an incredible, purposely driven and fulfilling life.

“Do not let anyone dim the fire in your soul. To shine bright is within your power.”
    – Lisa Wolfe