Liz Nierzwicki

Liz Nierzwicki, BS, E-RYT, ACSM-CPT is an multi-business entrepreneur, international best-selling author, certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, online coach, and motivational speaker. All of this came after Liz followed her passions and believed in her inner hearts desire to be an entrepreneur.

“I’ve tried almost every diet out on the market, every Beach Body DVD system – you name it. I would restrict myself for months, eat perfectly for weeks, workout like a champ, see massive changes and feel great about my body and then I’d fall off the wagon. Bad childhood habits of eating tons and tons of junk while we went to movies or hung out with friends would creep back in and I’d be completely OFF my healthy game plan for week or months.

I had a serious melt-down one day and realized my yo-yo lifestyle HAD TO CHANGE. I went 100% in the direction of my passions and decided to set some goals and figure out how to make healthy living a lifestyle and STOP the madness. I immersed myself in courses, books, and, nutrition science, and other educational programs to teach myself about the balance of exercising and eating healthily and clean. I became a yoga teacher, then studio founder & owner, then yoga school founder and lead teacher, then I became a certified personal trainer via the American College of Sports Medicine, and then dove into the neuroscience of meditation and started teaching and sharing that with my clients in studio and online. After years of battling yo-yo habits, I started to live a more consistent lifestyle, and if an old habit crept in, I knew what to do to get back to balance and now I teach this through my book and online programs.”

Liz’s clients range from beginners to athletes alike. Her philosophies and ideas are centered around helping people find the best version of themselves—their optimal self, by following a balanced, sustainable lifestyle that Liz herself has been living over the past 15 years. This lifestyle includes daily movement, gratitude, proper nutrition and, first and foremost, meditation.

Her latest project is Fitness Model Body – Training Guide, a custom 24-week program personally developed for every client who goes through the program.

Liz’s biggest passion is to help people know their soul’s mission, love their life, be healthy, and live with purpose.