Meaghan Haskell

Meaghan’s fitness journey began in her senior year of high school. Shortly after graduation, Meaghan joined the United States Coast Guard and solidified her desire to make fitness an essential part of her routine. Throughout her active duty service, Meaghan completed a half-marathon, sprint triathlon, and many other competitive races both on and off base. In 2013, Meaghan found a new outlet for her passion for fitness: weightlifting. With the addition of focused strength-training, she felt her confidence grow as she became stronger, both mentally and physically. When she began teaching group fitness classes, Meaghan was inspired by the obvious affinity she felt for personal training and guiding others.

Now as a mother of three, Meaghan’s healthy lifestyle extends to her family. Her mission is to show others that fitness is not only essential for everyone, but it’s also fun!

In conjunction with personal training and group fitness, Meaghan specializes in fitness nutrition, strength and conditioning, exercise therapy, and youth and senior fitness.