Robin Ball is a personal trainer, fitness and cycling instructor, and athlete who strives to inspire those around her. Growing up in Toronto, Ontario, Robin was exposed to athletics from an early age and as she stayed active in the community, she developed a passion for extreme sports, eventually moving to Vancouver, British Columbia to attend university, where she was submerged in an area well-known for active lifestyles.

While in school, Robin dealt with everything from the “Freshmen 15,” to undergoing various surgeries from snowboarding accidents, with each experience teaching her more about the importance of health and strength. Still yearning for competitiveness, she decided to enter two fitness shows, and placed second in both. She says that sacrifice and the importance of discipline and commitment to achieve goals were lessons she learned along the way, and with her innate ability to help others, a profession that embodied her beliefs in health and wellness was launched.

Now, Robin manages New Edge Fitness Inc., a training studio for a wide range of athletes, and teaches corporate fitness classes at organizations such as Lululemon Headquarters, Public Myth, and the Vancouver Club. She specializes in innovative, high-intensity training regimes, in addition to focusing on functional training to help build movement foundations for everyone from rehab clients to performance athletes.