H.B. Kin, B. Ed, CPT

Sandra Sorgini is a physical and health education and fitness expert. As a former semi-professional soccer player and secondary school Vice Principal, her long list of of experience includes Certified Personal Training specialist, STRONG Formula Certified Body Transformation coach, certified bootcamp, kettlebell and TRX trainer, Lebert Fitness Ambassador and published fitness writer and model. She has also coached University and high school soccer teams, and taught secondary school physical and health education.

Sandra’s mission is to help moms, who were formerly high-performing athletes, get back into champion shape. She wants to inspire teen girls to stay in sports, as a way to build confidence and lead to incredible opportunities. By being a role model to both athletic teens and moms, Sandra highlights movement as a tool for mental and physical health, stress management and a healthy coping strategy. Sandra teaches women to bring their athlete’s mentality to all aspects of their lives, and incorporates self development tools into her programming.