Stacie Venagro is a certified fitness trainer and five-time World Fitness and Fitness Universe Champion. She is the only all-natural athlete to ever win back to back multiple World titles and championships. Along with a successful fitness career, she also owns and runs her own fitness studio in New England, working alongside women who are seeking physique transformations through weight loss and lifestyle.

Stacie’s athletic background and knowledge covers a wide variety of sports including gymnastics, cross country, basketball, dance and weight training. She has been involved in gymnastics and dance for the last 25 years and has coached and choreographed hundreds of young students and adults to success. She believes in living by example fand instilling healthy habits both in the gym and in the kitchen.

Known as a “tough love” trainer, Stacie uses a supportive approach with her clients and she’s committed to treating every client like family; she wants them to not only transform physically, but to take control of their life emotionally and spiritually.