Featured STRONGCamper: Theresa Nardi

Theresa was chosen as this events featured camper because she was hesitant at first but stayed motivated, shared her story, pushed through all the workouts, was inspiring to others and found the confidence boost she needed.

Quick Q&A

What’s your favorite thing about STRONGCAMP?

There were so many things about STRONGCAMP that I loved, but I’d have to say my favorite thing was that every woman encouraged every other woman there.

Did you discover anything new about yourself through STRONGCAMP?

Anything new about myself is an understatement… I did things I never even thought I could do let alone complete them in multiples. My last words to Dacia before I left were that I never thought I’d spend a weekend with 40 women I didn’t know, and walk away feeling like this. I felt like I could conquer the world, not only physically but mentally. I’ve never in my life felt even remotely close to that, and I can’t thank the ambassadors enough for what they did for me!

What has been your biggest takeaway from attending STRONGCAMP?

In 1997, I had a terrible accident, and it literally took my life. Thankfully, I had a co-worker with me who thought quick enough and gave me CPR. I was 26 and a single mom—I have many issues to this day because of that accident. The doctors told me I would never walk unassisted again, but with a lot of determination and hard work, after a few years, I did walk again. I felt satisfied that I could walk with my young daughter again and was content with that.

For many years, I have been trying different things to push my body, but I’ve never pushed myself like I did at STRONGCAMP. I went into it already feeling defeated, but also thinking the sky’s the limit, and I’m the only one holding me back. The ambassadors and women there that weekend gave me a true self-confidence that I’ve never felt. Thank you!