Willow Furey
Worcester, MA

Quick Q&A

What was your favorite part of STRONGCAMP Worcester?

REAL conversation, with REAL people! And people I feel I can become friends with. I hate pointless small talk with random people, and I met some great ladies who deal with the same struggles I do.

Did you discover anything about yourself while attending STRONGCAMP?

The stairs! Regardless of how good of shape I am in, I’ve always struggled with quick high elevation gains. I didn’t let the stairs win. I did what I could still pushed myself and did better than I thought I was going to do. Plus, we have a Dam near me that has a lot of stairs where I can continue to work on this as a goal.

In one word, could you describe your experience from this STRONGCAMP weekend?

Inspiring. Sometimes in life you just need a swift kick in the ass to get on track. It doesn’t matter if you have a coach or family at home to help you, for me there was just something there that clicked into place for me, and the voice in my head said “You can do better than what you have been doing.”

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