Liz is a fitness expert, business mentor, motivational speaker, fitness entrepreneur, and mother who has built a fitness empire. She is a former collegiate scholarship athlete with more than a decade of experience in the fitness and wellness industries. Many wellness publications have featured Liz, most recently, STRONG Fitness Magazine. As a fitness studio owner, trainer, and CEO of Team Fit, a global online training & nutrition company for women, Liz has coached and mentored thousands of women and takes pride in helping them become strong in life, both physically and emotionally. In the fall of 2016, Liz took her talents and coaching one step further and launched a fitness consulting company, Utilizing her MBA and expertise in branding and entrepreneurship, her consulting business is her way of paying it forward to others who are launching fitness business start-ups and growing established brands.

Fitness has always been part of Liz’s DNA and world. As a mom of two very active boys, being fit is not just about looks but about empowerment, helping her keep pace with life and running four businesses. Because of this, as a STRONGCAMP Ambassador, Liz’s approach for camp weekends is focused on building an environment that empowers women to embrace their physical bests and personal strengths. Her focus is simple–the focus is you. Team Fit together with STRONGCAMP will support your journey into a healthy body and a stronger sense of direction, all while cultivating more confidence! Maybe this camp is your first step into a more energized, positive way of living, or a journey you are already on. No matter your age, if your goal is living an all-around healthier life with a stronger body and mind through smart training & clean eating, then this STRONGCAMP weekend is for you!